17 Facts About Me, I turned 17.

Hello Readers, good to see you all back again. So hope you all have been great through the new year so far. So I am turning 17 today 23rd January. And as I had promised on my Instagram account on an open poll here's the list of the 17 facts about me. 1. Me. I... Continue Reading →

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Welcome Back – Return

Hello readers! I am happy to meet you all again! I would love to let you all know I have completed with High School and will be joining University this year! I am typing this piece of mind to you as I am travelling to a nearby Town in the bus. I lay here under... Continue Reading →

Book Subscription Boxes Based in India

Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by to read my article. I am really excited to share this data with you all! Especially my Indian reader! I know we all have always been awed by the book subscription boxes that work worldwide.  When we see the books and the goodie we always fall in love again and... Continue Reading →

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